2010 Emmy Show Open

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4 or 5 months ago Mike Shoemaker came to me and said, “You know that vacation time we have in August?  We don’t have it.”  That was how I found out that Jimmy Fallon would be hosting the 2010 Emmys.   That was how I got to direct the show open this year.

Some details as they come to mind.  In no particular order.

  • We shot the dialogue scenes in 4 hours on Friday 8/27.
  • We shot the music sequences in 5 hours on Saturday 8/28.
  • Charlie Haykel is an awesome guy who wears classy shirts.
  • I think it’s my best steadicam work to date, and that’s a straight up boast.  Deal with it.
  • I love Chris Tartaro (the editor) and Amy Ozols (the writer) with all of my heart.  In the past year I have pulled literally 9 thousand all nighters with those two clowns, and it’s basically like having a high school sleepover, only in an edit room.
  • Thank you to Canon USA for loaning me two XF 305’s to shoot this.  The cameras performed beautifully.
  • I use autofocus when I’m on steadicam.  It really works with the 305’s.  They have face detection!
  • Joel McHale scream-sings from the heart.
  • Robin Antin and I share an awkwardness at parties which translates into dancing.
  • Thank you Bruce Springsteen for doing most of the work for us.
  • I bet there is a Jewish gentleman somewhere named Bruce Springstein, and he always has to correct people and say “It’s Spring-STINE”.

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  • Can’t tell you how many people forwarded me the Emmy opener. Had no idea it was you until I saw Matt Price and you by chance last night in an old Arrested Development episode and searched you today. Holy Schizoli – what a long strange trip its been since “The Bomb”, “Cereal” , the wheelchair eyeball ring piece and the other 16mm flics we edited on that old flatbed. Seems like you are right where you want to be, Mike. Proud to have worked with you in the past and looking forward to catching up sometime. I am still in SF Bay Area with a traveling eco-carnival and an edu-taining puppet theatre company, after 8 years developing a community art center in San Francisco (www.cellspace.org). Hit me up someday – would love to hear your voice.

  • Jesse G says:

    Except for two quick shots in the stairwell, the best fucking cold open I’ve ever seen. Congrats Bleitz.

  • Blied-y,
    I didn’t watch the Emmys this last year, but I somehow found the opening number on youtube and have become obsessed with it. Rob comes in and sees me watching it again and says, “Again?” with a rueful chuckle. I have watched it endlessly, only to find out recently that you directed it (maybe from a Michigan grad I met at a reading night?) Anyhoo, I’m now an obsessed fan.
    As ever, I adore you,
    Beth Littleford
    PS email me or “like” my facebook page so I can be in touch with you, will you? Thanks.

    • Blieden says:

      Beth! Every time we talk my favorite thing to bring up is going with Wendy Shanker in the 90’s to the Upper West Side to see you in “This Is Where I Get Off”. I still remember how hilarious it was. Also you talked about anal sex. Scandal!!!

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