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Ukulele Music

Here’s what happened. Deetch was softly playing ukulele at his desk and Bashir intoned “Ukulele music is annoying when you’re trying to get work done.” I told everyone to stay where they were and I got some gear, then we recreated the moment. It was like watching an instant replay in Midnight Club, LA only instead of a virtual racing environment it was my office.

Will Ferrell, Fake Arms

I wrote this with my pal Amy Ozols a couple days ago. A natural successor to our show’s other Fake Arms pieces, we wrote this as a pre-tape. Thankfully Shoemaker/Gavin/Miles/Jimmy all wanted to do it live. This was definitely one of THOSE bits. You know? Like…a bit that you find to be so utterly hysterical, a bit that is such complete nonsense that it makes you cry from laughing and even though you were part of its creation you don’t really understand what the joke is exactly, and deep down you are convinced that no one else could possibly be as tickled by it as you. We’ve all had bits like that and very often our fears come true because usually those bits make absolutely no sense. This bit makes no sense.