I Read The Comments on Jim Inhofe

Yesterday the Papal Encyclical on climate change was published, and I was moved and impressed by the pope. I loved it actually. Then James Inhofe attacked the pope in an interview, and did it in the name of HELPING THE POOR. Yeah that’s what he did. But then I started reading the comments on this article and they were amazing. One after another there were comments from people who felt exactly like I do. I am not being facetious when I say that I finally felt like I wasn’t alone. Inhofe weighs on my thoughts too much. It’s not healthy. And reading the comments today literally had a healing and calming effect.

I read the comments on oil drilling waste used for crop irrigation.

This is the first in a series of simple videos I plan to make in a series called I Read The Comments.

Recently I’ve begun engaging climate deniers in the comments section of articles and videos on the web. I know that internet comments are a sewer, but I feel like it’s making me quicker on my feet. It’s exposed me to a wider variety of insane opinions, and some articulate ones as well. The bottom line for me is that it’s definitely time to engage with everyone that I can.. What we do in the next 10 years will have implications for the viability of life on this planet. So I want to document the arguments that I get into and hopefully give people a mental framework to reject the contorted lies of climate science deniers.

Here’s a link to the Vice News article I’m talking about in this first video.

Mistaken For Strangers, The Play


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