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Hot Yoga Teacher

Last summer I shot a yoga video for my friend Alex Dawson. I don’t get to DP much any more, so it was a good chance to use the Epic and apply some of the things I’ve learned in the past year and a half, working with Giovanni Lampassi, Stephen Campbell, Steve Gainer, and Salvatore Totino. It’s taken me and Alex a while to finish this video, but we are nearing the end like…any month now…


I wanted to post some screencaps from the raw Epic 5K footage. I’m happy with how luscious this footage is.   One technical criticism- you may notice a triple image in the highlights of the picture above. That comes from light refracting between the 3 separate filters I had in the matte box. I was using an Arri MB-20 which doesn’t allow you to slam the filters together into one solid block, and that’s the only way to fix this problem. All the same I like the hot highlights.


Here’s me filming an important scene!

Home Movie

Alex and I decided to let our friends at Birns and Sawyer take our camera for a while, so before sending the Epic away to camp, I spent one last day with it at home.