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2010 Emmy Show Open

4 or 5 months ago Mike Shoemaker came to me and said, “You know that vacation time we have in August?  We don’t have it.”  That was how I found out that Jimmy Fallon would be hosting the 2010 Emmys.   That was how I got to direct the show open this year.

Some details as they come to mind.  In no particular order.

  • We shot the dialogue scenes in 4 hours on Friday 8/27.
  • We shot the music sequences in 5 hours on Saturday 8/28.
  • Charlie Haykel is an awesome guy who wears classy shirts.
  • I think it’s my best steadicam work to date, and that’s a straight up boast.  Deal with it.
  • I love Chris Tartaro (the editor) and Amy Ozols (the writer) with all of my heart.  In the past year I have pulled literally 9 thousand all nighters with those two clowns, and it’s basically like having a high school sleepover, only in an edit room.
  • Thank you to Canon USA for loaning me two XF 305’s to shoot this.  The cameras performed beautifully.
  • I use autofocus when I’m on steadicam.  It really works with the 305’s.  They have face detection!
  • Joel McHale scream-sings from the heart.
  • Robin Antin and I share an awkwardness at parties which translates into dancing.
  • Thank you Bruce Springsteen for doing most of the work for us.
  • I bet there is a Jewish gentleman somewhere named Bruce Springstein, and he always has to correct people and say “It’s Spring-STINE”.