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It’s Cold

Mistaken For Strangers, The Play

This short video that I directed has gone live today on Funny Or Die. This was my first collaboration with Matt Berninger, Tom Berninger, and Carin Besser. Phenomenally funny people. If you haven’t seen their documentary, Mistaken For Strangers, I highly recommend it.

Shot on my Epic with my new Leicas, mostly the 24mm.


DP, Alex Vendler

Gaffer, David Klassen

Sound, Daniel Powell

1st AC, Miao Chen

Makeup, Adriana Bena,


My Hot Yoga Teacher Video

It’s finally done! Thanks to all of Alex’s friends who helped out on graphics, sound, makeup, wardrobe. Thanks to Birns and Sawyer for giving me a deal on the lighting package. Most importantly, take yoga from Alex! I had spine surgery 2 years ago and instead of going to physical therapy I went to her class. It made me stronger, more pliable, and sometimes in class I felt like I was having a direct conversation with my injury, negotiating with it, coaxing it into cooperating again. Her website is here.

Hot Yoga Teacher

Last summer I shot a yoga video for my friend Alex Dawson. I don’t get to DP much any more, so it was a good chance to use the Epic and apply some of the things I’ve learned in the past year and a half, working with Giovanni Lampassi, Stephen Campbell, Steve Gainer, and Salvatore Totino. It’s taken me and Alex a while to finish this video, but we are nearing the end like…any month now…

I wanted to post some screencaps from the raw Epic 5K footage. I’m happy with how luscious this footage is. A001_C006_0616U3  One technical criticism- you may notice a triple image in the highlights of the picture above. That comes from light refracting between the 3 separate filters I had in the matte box. I was using an Arri MB-20 which doesn’t allow you to slam the filters together into one solid block, and that’s the only way to fix this problem. All the same I like the hot highlights. A001_C006_0616U3 A001_C012_0616UK

Here’s me filming an important scene!